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Padkos 115: Gustavo Esteva- in memoriam

PADKOS NO 115 Mexican activist, ‘deprofessionalized intellectual’, and founder of the Universidad de la Tierra in Oaxaca, Gustavo Esteva, has died. He was a source of encouragement, inspiration and mutual learning for many movements, organisations and individuals around the world. People were able to learn with and from him – not only by direct contact

Padkos No 112: Here we are now

PADKOS NO 112 Welcome, we are here now- at the last offering in this season of padkos that we’ve called “being… here… now…”. In some ways it always felt like a slightly risky theme to highlight and sustain. We know that a focus on the care and wellbeing of individual people, including ourselves, can be seen

Creating being, here, now

PADKOS NO 110 It’s been a tumultuous time in kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, where we, at the Church Land Programme, are based! Perhaps the time will come to write something more directly about what has happened but for now, the demands of our context require that we continue to think about being as well as we

Being…here…now…in the garden

PADKOS 109 Welcome, as we continue to think about being – and being well – here and now. This time around you’re invited to join in appreciating, and connecting with, the much larger web of natural life that we’re part of. A short padkos mailing like this can’t do more than hint at the width


PADKOS NO 107 20 May is Mental Health Action Day. In a global time of deep trauma as the COVID pandemic rolls on, we launch a mini-series of padkos servings focused on being and being well. We offer this short season that is oriented to nurture and nourishment; to offering kindness and care; to encouraging resilience,