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20 May is Mental Health Action Day. In a global time of deep trauma as the COVID pandemic rolls on, we launch a mini-series of padkos servings focused on being and being well. We offer this short season that is oriented to nurture and nourishment; to offering kindness and care; to encouraging resilience, compassion and perhaps hope. Here we echo the sentiments expressed in our In, Against, Beyond Corona pamphlet from 2020 that singled out key “values made so abundantly clear now in this crisis – of our interconnectedness, and the deep value and dignity of everything and everyone, of compassion, of kindness, of gentleness, of sensitivity and humility in our ecological relations with the world.”

Your padkos attachments this time ’round include:
  1. a short note from your padkos sub-committee introducing our thinking behind this mini-series;
  2. extracts from a remarkable book by Brian Murphy called Transforming ourselves, transforming the world, that is coming soon from radical publishers Daraja Press.

While the Corona situation still impacts space for collective and communal connection, in the coming weeks we will offer some thoughts and resources about areas of life that are vital to nurture and nourish. For instance, we’ll consider the power of creative work like music and poetry; of access to and healthful connection with nature and green spaces as well as the food we eat; of nurturing resilience and wellness in our situations through attending to our mental health, doing yoga, meditation, and movement and exercise. We reckon it’s about being; being present; and being connected, and we invite you to journey with us.

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Transforming ourselves transforming the world extracts