Being…here…now…in the garden

POSTED ON February 21, 2022 BY admin


Welcome, as we continue to think about being – and being well – here and now. This time around you’re invited to join in appreciating, and connecting with, the much larger web of natural life that we’re part of. A short padkos mailing like this can’t do more than hint at the width and depth of our connectedness with all forms of life in nature, and of the deeply restorative and transformative possibilities it might offer.

In this edition then, let’s take a look through the window of gardening to remember important parts of our individual and social humanity, and to re-affirm ways of being in the world that embraces the symbiosis between human and other forms of natural life.

You’ll find a series of very short readings attached that open different paths into our garden: first, a note from your padkos team introducing both the underlying ideas, and also the other readings from Popova, Guerrero Casas, and Holloway.

in the garden with padkos

Gardening as Resistance

The Healing Power of Gardens

On crop of the world