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PADKOS NO 81 First Class in the 2018 ‘School of Thought’ , 27 March @ 11am Firoze Manji returns for another exciting padkos conversation on March 27th. In 2015, Firoze’s amazing input on “What’s Left in Africa?” closed off our ‘School of Thought’ series. This time around, Firoze opens the 2018 edition of a new ‘School

Reminder: Nigel Gibson: Fanon, Politics & Psychiatry

PADKOS NO 75 Don’t forget that there’ll be two events you can join us for: 1. A smaller padkos conversation around ‘Fanon, our current context, and the praxis of emancipatory politics’. This will take place between 10 am and 12:30 pm in the CLP Board Room in Burger Street.   2. A public seminar co-hosted with the Paulo Freire

Nigel Gibson: Fanon, Politics & Psychiatry

PADKOS FOLLOW UP ON NO 75 We’re very glad to share the text of Nigel’s recent talk on “Fanon, politics, and psychiatry”. Based on an integration of as-yet-unpublished material concerning Fanon’s psychiatric praxis with Gibson’s lifelong Fanonian scholarship, the talk was exciting and fresh. A number of the (sizable) audience had asked if it was

The Art of Listening

PADKOS NO 76 In this excellent recent piece for the Mail & Guardian, Richard Pithouse draws together a number of strands that are simply fundamental to our own praxis at the Church Land Programme. He flags some of the key trajectories and connections of a radical tradition of political work that holds at its centre, the

The Sweetness of Place

PADKOS NO 77 At the next Padkos Bioscope we’re showing the brilliant documentary, “Zone to Defend”, that focuses on an important current site of resistance to ‘large, imposed and useless’ infrastructure development projects. The attached essay by Kristin Ross is the introduction to a new ebook – The Zad and NoTAV – that deals extensively with that resistance against a

Extractive Industries: the current state of play

PADKOS NO 76 Since at least 2015, the Church Land Programme (CLP) has been struck by the growing number of communities dealing with the prospects of fracking for natural gas and expanded mining of untapped coal reserves in parts of KwaZulu-Natal. We’ve asked Jasper Finkeldy to help paint a picture of the dynamics, interests, trajectories