How we work

Animation is CLP’s core practice. This practice involves an iterative process that applies the learning and action cycle in people’s specific situations and with the intention that they mobilise themselves to act to change that situation in ways that they decide. CLP’s practice of animation is composed of key elements which form its activities:


to what people say is both a discipline and a political act affirming people’s right and responsibility to speak for themselves.


works through questioning as a way of drawing on and affirming people’s own knowledge of their situation while clarifying CLP’s role.

Making connections

works on two levels: to connect people with resources; and to build movements by connecting local struggles to each other and to broader movements.


of the situation is built, for CLP staff and for local activists, through listening and dialogue and it creates the basis for people to decide and plan action.

People take action for themselves

and on their own responsibility. CLP provides support as requested but does not act for them.

Reflection and learning

is critical to the cycle. CLP works to create spaces for reflection where people can interrogate and build their own democratic practice.

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Reflection and learning is essential to maintaining the integrity of CLP’s practice and its accountability to its mission and to the people it works with.