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STOP Corona Evictions!

PADKOS NO 99 This edition of padkos contains a new report from us at the Church Land Programme (CLP) about the eviction of shack-dwellers in eThekwini during the Covid-19 crisis. Violent evictions and demolitions of poor black shack-dwellers homes in South Africa are ongoing and must be stopped immediately! As the world rises against the

Padkos No 98: Jon Langdon- Protesting pipelines in Turtle Island & your first padkos podcast!

PADKOS NO 98 Recently we’ve seen some truly historic mobilisations in Canada, blocking railways and blockading ports. They are protesting against a proposed gas pipeline that would to cut through territories and waterways that are deeply significant for indigenous people there, especially for the Wet’suwet’en nation. What’s been especially notable about the protest movement is what Jon Langdon

Learning “in-against-and-beyond” – Part 3

Working together to learn from and discuss John Holloway’s lecture series, In, Against, and Beyond Capitalism, has been deeply rewarding. We’ve all benefited – not only by learning a bit more of Holloway’s extraordinary work, but from the perspectives and questions that all the participants have brought with them in the 1st two sessions –

Learning “in-against-and-beyond” – Part 2

Reminder: Learning “in-against-and-beyond” – Part 2: 30 April 10am Thanks so much to everyone who joined the excellent discussions in our first session. The second one explores the next lecture in John Holloway’s In, Against, and Beyond Capitalism: The San Fransisco Lectures (2016). In this chapter, John discusses “Capital, the Social Cohesion that Strangles Us”.