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Exciting Update: In, Against & Beyond Corona

PADKOS NO 106a dear CLP and padkos friends, During August, we rather nervously circulated some of our reflections on the experience of living through the Corona crisis here in South Africa. We were thrilled when that piece – In, against and beyond corona: What does the corona crisis in South Africa reveal to us? – was picked

David Graeber 1961 – 2020

PADKOS NO 104 “I always say the principle of direct action is the defiant insistence on acting as if one is already free.” “Communism already exists in our intimate relations with each other on a million different levels. So it’s a question of gradually expanding that and ultimately destroying the power of capital, rather than

In, Against, beyond Corona

PADKOS NO 102 One portion of this padkos serving is from us at CLP, and is part of our ongoing thinking in and through the midst of the corona crisis. There’s been quite a delay getting this piece out, and it still feels like a work-in-progress that might be updated and extended later too. It

John Holloway: Nature, Politics & the State

PADKOS NO 92 Our focus on the work of John Holloway continues – and here’s the first of the promised thematic readings that we’ll discuss together. Timed for the run-up to the ‘global strike against the climate crisis’ planned for the 20th of September, your padkos reading focuses on John Holloway’s thinking about nature, politics and

From the last Holloway Palaver of 2019

PADKOS NO 95 Thanks to all of you who’ve been with us in various ways through this year’s menu of padkos. As 2019 draws to a close, we thought we’d share some thoughts and outputs emerging from our last gathering where we worked with “hope and creativity” as our Holloway focus. Rather than just staying