Learning “in-against-and-beyond” – Part 3

POSTED ON May 16, 2019 BY admin

Working together to learn from and discuss John Holloway’s lecture series, In, Against, and Beyond Capitalism, has been deeply rewarding. We’ve all benefited – not only by learning a bit more of Holloway’s extraordinary work, but from the perspectives and questions that all the participants have brought with them in the 1st two sessions – thank you everyone!

John’s third lecture in the book is titled “We are the crisis of capital and proud of it”! That will be the focus when we get together for the last session on Thursday, 30th May from 10am.

Once again, please remember how important it is for people to have read the material before the session. Your reading material is attached.

So, get to the CLP offices on Thursday 30 May, between 10am and noon for the discussion, and then join us for a light lunch afterward.

Please let Cindy know if you’re coming at (033) 2644 380 or padkos@churchland.org.za