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This Land

“This Land” is an important new documentary about the resistance of the people of Makhasaneni against the threat of mining that premiered at the Encounters Film Festival this year. Come and watch it with us at CLP where we’ll be joined by a leading figure in the struggle of the people of Makhasaneni, and a


PADKOS BIOSCOPE NO 35 A great documentary tracing young Cape Town mother, Noma, and the stories of occupation, eviction, and resistance at the “Marikana” settlement. Winning awards at the Durban International Film Festival and also from Amnesty International, Pablo Pinedo Boveda’s film provides powerful and humanising insight into the struggles of South Africa’s poor making homes


PADKOS BIOSCOPE NO 20 The 2014 padkos bioscope season kicks off on 27 March! We’re marking the twentieth anniversary of the Zapatista uprising by screening Zapatista! (55 min).  At the start of 1994 the North American Free Trade Agreement comes into effect. Minutes after midnight in Southeastern Mexico, several thousand Mayan rebels take over half

Food Inc.

PADKOS BIOSCOPE NO 18 On 14 November, the padkos bioscope will be screening Food Inc. (94 min). Reviewers describe it as “an eye-opening expose of the modern food industry… both fascinating & terrifying, and essential viewing”. Food Inc. explores ‘the dark underbelly’ of the U.S. food industry, & asks where the food in supermarkets really

Seeds of Freedom

PADKOS BIOSCOPE NO 17 On 7 November, the padkos bioscope will be screening Seeds of Freedom (30 min). This is a really excellent short film from the Africa Biodiversity Network and the Gaia Foundation, and narrated by renowned English actor, Jeremy Irons. The documentary looks at how seed has been made into a powerful commodity,

Edible City: Grow the Revolution

PADKOS BIOSCOPE NO 16 On 31 October, the padkos bioscope will be screening Edible City: Grow the Revolution (70 min). This is a really exciting 2012 documentary about the grassroots “Good Food” movement in San Francisco, USA, & around the world. A broad spectrum of activists, organizations and citizens, show how everyone can get involved