Grrrls to the Front: for your August “Beats and Boundaries”

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Get down to Durban on the 29th for another exciting “Beats and Boundaries” collab. Featuring three great documentary movies and three live bands, we’re celebrating women in punk and post-punk music. It’s all happening at The Winston Pub (Clarke Road, Durban): doors open from 2pm; movies kick off at 4pm; the music starts from 7pm with a Riot Grrrl VJ Set; and live bands, Black Math, Deadpandoll, and Existing Consciousness, take the stage from 9pm on. August is “women’s month” and we promise there’ll be no make-up gift-packs – but grrrls, as well as guys dressed as as grrrls, get to see the bands for half price!

The story of the origins of Riot Grrrl in the American independent music scene of the 1990’s, and how this feminist movement evolved into a revolutionary underground network of education and self-awareness through music, writing, activism, and women-friendly community.

At the height of the punk explosion almost 40 years ago, a handful of women completely redefined what a woman in music could do. Through sheer talent and fearlessness they pushed themselves on to a male dominated music scene and became part of a movement that radically changed the cultural landscape.


Great short film produced by Natalie Austin & Taryn Isaac of the School of Journalism and Media Studies, at the university currently known as Rhodes University. They describe the world of roller-derby as “Fast. Kick-ass sport. And a whole lot of girl power.” The grrrls from Durban Derby will be down at The Winston too!

There’ll also be an awesome art exhibition by Steven Leggo. For the music gig, entrance is R40. Grrrls get in half price. Boys dressed as Grrrls also get in half price!

The screenings form part of “Beats and Boundaries”, a rolling series of free films about music, society & politics showing in different venues in Maritzburg and beyond throughout 2015. This series of mini-festivals and once-off screenings is a collaborative project between: Paulo Freire Project; Centre for Adult Education; School of Education (UKZN); & Church Land Programme (CLP).

Let us know who’s keen to join us – if there’s sufficient interest from ‘Maritzburg-based people, we’ll try sort some transport there and back. Call Cindy at the office (033 2644 380) or email

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