The power of community: how Cuba survived peak oil

POSTED ON November 18, 2013 BY admin



The final show for padkos bioscope 2013 goes down on 21 November! We’ll be screening The Power of Community: How Cuba survived peak oil (94 min).

This fantastic, award-winning film also closes our mini-fest focusing on the politics of food. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Cuba’s oil  imports were cut by more than half – & food by 80 %. This film tells of the people’s hardships & struggles, & their community & creativity, during this difficult time. Cubans shifted from highly mechanized, industrial agriculture to using organic methods and local, urban gardens. The whole world will soon face that crisis as fossil fuels run out – Cuba is an example of options & hope.

Be sure you’re @ the padkos bioscope, CLP, Thursday, 21 November, at 1pm sharp!