STOP Corona Evictions!


A research report into the eviction of shack-dwellers in eThekwini during Covid-19 crisis

This edition of padkos contains a new report from us at the Church Land Programme (CLP) about the eviction of shack-dwellers in eThekwini during the Covid-19 crisis.

Violent evictions and demolitions of poor black shack-dwellers homes in South Africa are ongoing and must be stopped immediately!

As the world rises against the disproportionate brutalisation and murder of black people in the United States, it’s equally important that the world acknowledges and fights the brutal actions occurring at the hands of the South African government, police, and military. During the course of just two months, over 900 people’s shacks have been illegally demolished in the Durban area.

A new independantly-researched report from the Church Land Programme ( shows how shack-settlements in the city of eThekwini have been targeted in a sustained campaign of violent evictions and demolitions during the Covid-19 crisis. The local municipality, councillors, the police, the army, and private security companies, have driven this violence in defiance of basic decency and humanity, as well as the national law, international guidance, the Covid-19 lockdown regulations, ministerial proclamations, and the brave and concerted resistance of shack-dwellers themselves.

In their report, the Church Land Programme (CLP) argue that “Evictions and demolitions, especially at this time, are an attack on all of us”. CLP insist that: “A public and unreserved apology from the mayor of eThekwini for what has happened, and an unambiguous commitment never to do it again, would be something positive. Fines and real consequences for all the bosses, managers, leaders, and others who have led, authorised, or condoned, these inhumane acts, would be something positive. Support for, and solidarity, with the people affected and the shack-dweller movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo, is also needed. It’s up to all of us to call for this to STOP now – and especially up to all of you who read this report.”

Click here for the new independantly-researched report from the Church Land Programme

Click here for the executive summary

Contact for all media and campaign enquires: CLP Director, Graham Philpott ( & +27 83 338 3588)

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