Richard Pithouse on Frantz Fanon opens the Padkos “School of Thought” on 3rd September


We had encouraging feedback after the previous padkos mailing that marked the 90th anniversary of Frantz Fanon’s birth. It’s clear that a number of us want to to engage Fanon’s ideas more, and to think them through in and for our own context. Well, here’s a great opportunity! One of South Africa’s leading Fanon scholars – and longtime CLP padkos comrade – Richard Pithouse, has agreed to spend time with us at the Church Land Programme (CLP) offices, 340 Burger Street, on 3rdSeptember at 10.30.

Richard’s discussion opens a remarkable series of radical padkos visitors from across the globe who we’re privileged to host through the remainder of the year. We’re thinking of this series as a “School of Thought”, and it creates a brilliant space for critical thought and engagement for CLP’s padkos comrades and colleagues.

Read the full serving here

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