Organising in the Time of Covid-19: A podcast with Firoze Manji

Few people around the world have a better sense of how militants and activists are thinking and doing right now, than Firoze Manji. He’s been conducting an extraordinary series of interviews into how people are experiencing, thinking and organising “in the time of Covid-19”. Despite a punishing schedule, Firoze graciously agreed to an extended interview with us to reflect on what’s emerged from the series.

Responding to a set of questions generated by the workers here at the Church Land Programme (CLP), Firoze’ reflections provide our padkos community with unique and powerful insight into how activists around the globe are organising and analysing at this time. We hope you find this padkos podcast interesting food for thought to engage with.

Listen to the podcast here.

Read the full padkos serving here.

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