In, Against, Beyond Corona

One portion of this padkos serving is from us at CLP, and is part of our ongoing thinking in and through the midst of the corona crisis. There’s been quite a delay getting this piece out, and it still feels like a work-in-progress that might be updated and extended later too. It is framed by the question: What does living through the corona crisis in South Africa reveal to us?

We reckon that “it’s important to see what is revealed to be wrong and toxic- in ourselves, in our relations with others, and in our relation with the rest of non-human nature. But it’s also terribly important to listen for and to seek out what is revealed that is good and life-affirming. Both are vital.

Another padkos portion we’re dishing up for you is a recent editorial from New Frame. We’ve included it here specifically because there’s a kind of parallel with an underlying theme of our own “In, Against, Beyond” piece.. read the full serving here.

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