Mumbai Land Grab

POSTED ON June 3, 2013 BY admin



Excitement is building for the padkos inter_mission “Tananas Tunes” event on the weekend at the Rainbow Jazz Restaurant. But in the week following, don’t forget the penultimate show in the current bioscope series.

On Thursday 6 June we’re screening  Al Jazeera’s  Mumbai Land Grab (25 min). The slum-dwellers of Mumbai are being evicted – in many cases unfairly – to make way for upmarket developments. It is a city rife with land scams, where evictions are commonplace & new developments regularly appear – developments like the “Oceans of Justice”, a housing complex for High Court judges built on land meant for the homeless.

Make sure you’re @ the padkos bioscope, CLP, Thursday, 6 June, at 1pmsharp – C U there!