Final Reminder: Silvia Federici on Thursday! & a big thanks to Richa Nagar!

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CLP is deeply honoured to host Silvia Federici (see attached “who is federici?”) on Thursday this week. We urge all our Padkos friends to be there for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

To confirm and up-date the details for what’s going down on Thursday the 12th on the Golf Road campus of UKZN:




9:30 am

Padkos conversation: A Radical Politics of the Commons

Varsity Club

12 till 1pm

Lunch with Silvia and Padkos list friends

Varsity Club


Public seminar: Crisis, Debt and the Commons

Room 67,  Education Bldg

3 – 5pm

padkos inter_mission: relax with snacks, drinks & music: Mark & Mercio live guitar jam, and Volker curates a cool playlist

Varsity Club

Please RSVP!: Call Cindy at (033) 2644 380 or email

As we look forward to the next one, we’re also recording sincere thanks to Richa Nagar for a very special visit and Padkos event just over a week back. Richa herself commented afterwards that it had been “the most precious gift of face to face time, inspiring conversations and exchange of stories and hopes”. You’ll find a piece from Richa on “storytelling” attached which mentions the scene of a play that featured in one of her discussions here with us.

who is federici_

GPC Storytelling