Alt. Rock and Punk Music against Racism in November “Beats and Boundaries”


We’re heading back to Durban on the 14th November for another exciting “Beats and Boundaries” collaboration! This time we feature two more fantastic documentary movies during the afternoon, and follow that with a live gig that night with some of Durban’s finest bands. Once again, it’s all happening at The Winston Pub in Clark Road, Durban: doors open from 2pm; movies kick off at 4pm; and live bands, Deadpandoll, Roachy and the Rock Coaches, and Matt Vend and the Tender Ten, take the stage from 9pm on. See here for more.

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School of Thought: Part 4: Firoze Manji- What’s Left in Africa? Friday 6 November at 10.30am at CLP


And be sure to join us after for lunch, drinks and live music to follow at Pizzology.
Firoze Manji is Director of Pan-African Baraza in Nairobi, Kenya. During September last year he led a fantastic Padkos session on Amilcar Cabral, and it’s great to have him return to CLP in 2015. In this November discussion, titled “What’s Left in Africa?”, we can anticipate Firoze’s typical combination of insight, passion, thoughtfulness and humour as he shares some ‘reflections on the failure of left, working class movements to take root in most of Africa’. DO NOT MISS OUT! Read the full notice here

School of Thought: Part 3: Lewis R. Gordon – What Fanon Said. Wednesday 7 October at 10.30am


Lewis R. Gordon returns as the next in our remarkable series of radical padkos visitors for CLP’s 2015 “School of Thought”. We’re so grateful and humbled to have had Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar address and engage us in the previous session. It was profoundly insightful, and very productive in relation to our own thinking of emancipatory struggle here. The “School of Thought” continues to be a brilliant space of critical engagement for CLP’s padkos comrades and colleagues. In our ongoing work at CLP, the critical thinking of grassroots militants remains our principal point of entry and departure for emancipatory politics and thought. And there’s no question that this work benefits, and benefits from, mutual dialogue with other emancipatory thinkers and theorists who also take the real thought and practice of liberatory praxis in other places around the world seriously.

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School of Thought: Part 2: Raquel Gutierrez Aguilar- Bolivia: People’s Power and State Power, Saturday, 12 September at 10.00am


Thanks to Richard Pithouse and all who attended for a stunning first session in the padkos “School of Thought”! What a great discussion exploring current meanings and value in Fanon’s liberatory insistence on the ongoing ‘mutation’ of humans – ‘the recovery of the human from a history of waste’ in the phrasing of Achille Mbembe – through the unity of thought and action in struggle.

At the beginning of our current century, the Bolivian city of Cochabamba was the crucible of the one of the most significant moments of militant praxis; of that praxis that marks the unity of radical thought and action in some very serious popular mobilisation. Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar was at the heart of those seminal “Cochabamba Water Wars” and she’s sharing insights and experiences with us at the next installment of the “School of Thought” padkos series. This really is a remarkable opportunity, and we encourage all of our friends and comrades to join us on Saturday morning, 12th September for some coffee at 09.45 and the session at 10:00am.

In a 2013 interview, Aguilar commented: “What is terrible is that in the countries that had strong social mobilizations, the interests of the most powerful financial capital are still fully dominant, and now appear to have also ‘captured’ the state forms that were reconstructed after the shock of the last decade. …

Read the full interview and serving here

Richard Pithouse on Frantz Fanon opens the Padkos “School of Thought” on 3rd September


We had encouraging feedback after the previous padkos mailing that marked the 90th anniversary of Frantz Fanon’s birth. It’s clear that a number of us want to to engage Fanon’s ideas more, and to think them through in and for our own context. Well, here’s a great opportunity! One of South Africa’s leading Fanon scholars – and longtime CLP padkos comrade – Richard Pithouse, has agreed to spend time with us at the Church Land Programme (CLP) offices, 340 Burger Street, on 3rdSeptember at 10.30.

Richard’s discussion opens a remarkable series of radical padkos visitors from across the globe who we’re privileged to host through the remainder of the year. We’re thinking of this series as a “School of Thought”, and it creates a brilliant space for critical thought and engagement for CLP’s padkos comrades and colleagues.

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Beats & Boundaries showing the “Hip Hop- Beyond Beats & Rhymes”, 29 May, 2 pm, Bessie Head Library Auditorium

 We’re excited to collaborate with the Gay and Lesbian Network in bringing you this excellent documentary film that explores issues of masculinity, violence, homophobia and sexism in Hip Hop music and culture, through interviews with artists, academics, and fans. It has won numerous awards.  Read the poster below and click here for more information