Exciting update: In, Against & Beyond Corona

During August, we rather nervously circulated some of our reflections on the experience of living through the Corona crisis here in South Africa. We were thrilled when that piece – In, against and beyond corona: What does the corona crisis in South Africa reveal to us? – was picked up by radical international publisher, Daraja Press. Before going to print, Daraja asked internationally renowned writer and thinker John Holloway, for his comments. John has responded saying:

“This is a fabulous book. Usually a blurb or endorsement like this is supposed to enhance the book, but in this case the flow is in the other direction. For me it is a huge honour to be associated with it. Read the full serving here.

Burning & looting: ‘law enforcement’ in Maritzburg lockdown style

This short reflection was prompted in the first instance, by a couple of disturbing actions by elements of the state in CLP’s hometown of Pietermaritzburg. It seems terribly important to highlight them, and to expose them. But perhaps more deeply, we want to flag an ‘activist’ tendency to externalise ‘enemies’ rather than thinking from “our collective complicity in the situation that produces injustice” – and also a broader social tendency to scapegoat and/or technicise what are essentially “crises our society is being crippled by” and that actually require “changing our collective ways of being and doing so we stop reproducing the crises at all”. Read the full serving here