Time to Digest your Padkos with Volume 2!

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Reminder: Padkos Bioscope showing “Zapatista” this Thursday @ 1pm. Join us for revolutionary content, great snacks, and engaging conversation.We’re pleased to announce that all of our Padkos friends and comrades will be receiving their hard copy of the second collection of Padkos materials in the mail soon. We had a really encouraging response to the first volume of the Padkos Digest.  Even in our own life at CLP, the Digest has been a really useful resource to have; to refer back to; and to share with others. It was quite a surprise to realise a few months back that we were ready to put another collection of twenty+ Padkos offerings together. But, once we reviewed what could be included, we had no doubt that it’s an extraordinary collection once again. Special thanks to Dr Anna Selmeczi for writing the Foreword to this collection. Back in October 2010, Anna’s work was the first piece we ever circulated via Padkos; she was the first visitor we hosted for a Padkos event; and hers was the first article in the Volume 1 of the Padkos Digest. At the time, we introduced her as a young “PhD candidate at a university in Hungary who … quite simply ‘gets it’ as far as we are concerned”.  Well, she’s still young, and still ‘gets it’ – but has now attained her doctorate, and is based at the Centre for Humanities Research of the University of the Western Cape here in South Africa.  Anna’s Foreword (see attached) gives an indication of what’s included in this volume – so we’re not going to repeat that – but, in a way, it also invites us all to understand the Digest, and indeed Padkos itself, as an invitation to join a community of friends, militants and comrades, established in the conviction of the Truth of grassroots struggle for humanity, dignity, and justice.

We’re hoping to mark the publication of the Digest Volume 2 at a special event a bit later on – we’ll keep you posted!    

  Padkos Digest Vol 2 Preface and Foreword