Thinking about Paulo Freire theo(logically): Philpott & Butler

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Next up in the Paulo Freire-focused “School of Thought” padkos sessions, Graham Philpott and Mark Butler will open a conversation about the theological foundations and connections in Freire’s life and work.

Although it’s not always known or emphasised in discussions of Paulo Freire, the fact is that Christianity was important – both in his own life, as well in the life-world of many of the people he worked with. We’ll be uncovering some of the ways in which his faith is intimately connected with how he understood human being and the world; how fundamentally-theological frames are often paralleled in his pedagogy of transformation; and how his own broad project unfolded together with that of liberation theology. Introducing a new book, A Pedagogy of Faith: The Theological Vision of Paulo Freire, author Irwin Leopando argues that “Freire’s theologically-grounded affirmation of radical democracy, social justice, historical possibility, and the absolute dignity of the human person remains as vital as ever”.

It’s been terribly important that Freire’s faith has not been a reason to limit or exclude anyone from the adoption of his insights and approaches in taking forward thoughtful liberatory work all over. Nonetheless, we think that understanding these theological connections simply deepens and illuminates our appreciation of the astonishing legacy of Paulo Freire. Fifty years after the first publication of his Pedagogy of the Oppressed, this work continues to excite, guide, and challenge us.

Join us at the Church Land Programme (CLP) offices from 11am – and stay for some lunch with us.

Please let Cindy know that you’re coming by calling (033) 2644 380 or emailing

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