School of Thought: Part 4: Firoze Manji- What’s Left in Africa?

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Friday 6 November at 10.30am at CLP. And be sure to join us after for lunch, drinks and live music to follow at Pizzology.

Firoze Manji is Director of Pan-African Baraza in Nairobi, Kenya. During September last year he led a fantastic Padkos session on Amilcar Cabral, and it’s great to have him return to CLP in 2015. In this November discussion, titled “What’s Left in Africa?”, we can anticipate Firoze’s typical combination of insight, passion, thoughtfulness and humour as he shares some ‘reflections on the failure of left, working class movements to take root in most of Africa’.

This session with Firoze brings CLP’s 2015 “School of Thought” to a close- and that’s why we’ll follow Firoze’s class with an end-of-term bash that we hope you’ll all come and enjoy. We want to express our deep gratitude to Firoze and all the other visitors – Richard Pithouse, Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar and Lewis R. Gordon – who provided such astonishing input for the 2015 “School of Thought”.

DO NOT MISS OUT! We start at the CLP office in Burger Street for Firoze’s discussion from 10.30am. Then we’ll all get down to the new Pizzology venue for lunch, drinks and live music – 120 Victoria Road (The Edge Lifestyle Centre). It’s really important to let us know if you are coming – email: or call the office at 033 2644 380.

Please note that Firoze will also conduct a seminar entitled ” Pan- Africanism: What it is and what it could be” for the Paulo Freire Institute on the “Maritzburg UKZN campus during the afternoon of Thursday the 5th.

Manji What’s Left in Africa