John Holloway: Nature, Politics & the State

POSTED ON June 22, 2020 BY admin


Our focus on the work of John Holloway continues – and here’s the first of the promised thematic readings that we’ll discuss together. Timed for the run-up to the ‘global strike against the climate crisis’ planned for the 20th of September, your padkos reading focuses on John Holloway’s thinking about nature, politics and the state. We’ll look at two short chapters from Holloway’s 2010 publication, Crack Capitalism – namely, “The abstraction of doing into labour is the constitution of nature as object” (Ch 17), and “The abstraction of doing into labour is the externalisation of our power-to-do and the creation of the citizen, politics and the state” (Ch 18).
In addition to discussing the Holloway material, we will also be showing a documentary: “Skipping School to Stop Climate Change – Greta Thunberg and the Student Protests” (34 mins).
The palaver session takes place at CLP on 5 September kicking off at 10am.
Still to come in the series, we’ll look at the nature of left politics when dignity is at the centre (during October); and of the importance of hope & creativity for humanity (during November).
Please let us know whether you can join us by calling calling Cindy on (033) 2644 380 or emailing
As with the previous series, you need to have read the relevant material beforehand.