Fighting for Justice in Rural KwaZulu-Natal

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By David Ntseng with Mark Butler, 2010

Over a number of years, Thulani Nldazi has been Church Land Programme’s primary link with the emergence, growth and struggles of the Rural Network. During 2010, while Thulani took some sabbatical leave and colleague, David Ntseng took on temporary responsibility for sustaining those links. Up until then, David’s contact with militants of the Rural Network in Northern Zululand had mostly been enabled through participating in solidarity actions – especially at the eShowe Magistrates Court where a case of murder of two scholars is being tried against two security guards:

I have participated in protest marches, picketing outside court and sitting inside the court room listening to the trial. But I had no idea where these villages are that the people come from, nor what their life is like by any stretch of my imagination. I have always enjoyed hearing the testimonies by these militants describing their experiences on the farms and their revolutionary attempts to resist brutalities on the farms. One of the militants invited me to come with him to see where people live and how they live, so I can connect their struggles to their daily experiences. In this short article I present my reflection of what I was invited to see, hear, taste, smell and feel.
After describing what he experienced and learned, Ntseng concludes:
this is what I can offer to militants from these villages: a reminder that they are the powerful force that can change the course of history. To change the course of history is a daunting task. … At a given time and a decisive point in history, people decide to act against the conditions which restrict their freedom as people. The struggles that villagers I met are waging attest to this. Most importantly, this is a hard struggle in which militants have demonstrated their strong, firm and steadfast commitment to freedom for all. Amandla!!!

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