Fast in Solidarity

POSTED ON October 25, 2012 BY admin

We are supporting the call for an international 24-hour fast in solidarity with hunger strikers in Israeli prisons. In the past we have played humorously with the language of food for our Padkos resources, because ‘padkos’ is Afrikaans for ‘food for the road’. For this edition we are not inclined to make jokes. Read Richard Pithouse’ outstanding piece (attached) for a sense of the issues at stake, thought from a South African perspective.

Go to or to publicly register your support for the action.

In addition, during Thursday for anyone who wants, CLP will make a room available for reflection and connecting those participating in the solidarity action.

Note: At the very last minute and under enormous pressure, Israeli authorities made a deal with a number of the people involved in this issue. As at the time of this posting though, it is not at all clear the deal erases the underlying issues and the global call for solidarity action remains in place, and we remain committed to the fast.

Read the attachment – From Ramle Prison to the World