Dignity and Courage VS Barbarism and Cowardice

POSTED ON November 17, 2015 BY admin



During the past week, waste-pickers in the town where the Church Land Programme (CLP) is based staged a protest action at the gates to the municipal waste dump. A couple of CLP people were there in solidarity and Mark Butler wrote the attached reflection which appeared in the local daily, The Witness. He comments that “despite being made poor; despite being regarded as less-than-human scavenging animals; despite being treated with utter contempt by the City bosses; despite being relentlessly portrayed as more-or-less violent and criminal; and despite being threatened, shot at, and arrested; it is the waste-pickers who have consistently thought and offered the possibility of a more humane and dignified way through the mess we’re all in”.

Dignity and courage vs barbarism and cowardice