An informal conversation with Prof Kathryn Oberdeck on Religion and popular working class politics on Monday 15 July at 12.00.

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Kathryn Oberdeck is Associate Professor of History at the University of Illinois. A regular visitor to South Africa, she is interested in issues of housing and land here. Kathy’s new research project is getting underway at the moment, and she will be comparing perspectives on “blight” and hygiene in 20th century Durban and Chicago.

Back in 1999 Oberdeck published The Evangelist and the Impresario: Religion, Entertainment, and Cultural Politics in America,1884-1914 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press). This work inspired her more current interests in housing and Kathy says “I remain interested in the topic generally”.

Join us from 12 noon at the CLP offices for a light lunch as Prof Oberdeck opens an informal conversation on her take regarding religion and popular working class politics.

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