After the Fanomenal Event

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“A living politics is the movement out of the places where oppression has assigned those who do not count” S’bu Zikode, President, Abahlali baseMjondolo, speaking at the CLP Fanomenal Event, May 2011.

Perhaps this Padkos is the ‘doggy bag’ after the feast of the hugely successful Fanomenal Event which CLP hosted at the end of May. In this edition of Padkos you will find:

    • a report from the Padkos Committee on the event itself: “The Fanomenal Event” (see attached);
    • Nigel Gibson’s seminar paper: “Living Fanon: A Commemoration” (see attached); and
    • links to YouTube where we’ve uploaded a series of short but powerful video-taped interviews with some exceptional militant intellectuals. Sbu Zikode, Itumeleng Mosala, Ntombifuthi Shandu, Nigel Gibson, Zodwa Nsibande, Richard Pithouse, Rev. Mavuso, Michael Neocosmos, Busi Ngema, Anne Harley, and Graham Philpott discuss the relevance and value of thinking Fanon in relation to current struggles:

Sbu Zikode
Ntombifuthi Shandu
Nigel Gibson                                                                                                                Itumeleng Mosala 
Zodwa Nsibande
Richard Pithouse
Rev. Mavuso
Michael Neocosmos
Busi Ngema
Anne Harley
Graham Philpott

At the end of the Padkos report we make the following comment: “As so many of you have made clear, the Fanomenal Event was indeed welcome and nourishing food along that journey. For CLP as the hosts, the event was itself Padkos for us. All of you who were there and supported it have nourished, challenged and energised us in the ongoing work – thank you!”

Report- Read the attachment – Fanon event notes

Seminar Paper- Read the attachment –  A Commemoration