Supporting Processes

Reflection and learning
Reflection and learning is essential to maintaining the integrity of CLP’s practice and
its accountability to its mission and to the people it works with.

  • CLP has a rigorous process of internal reflection including monthly reflection days and quarterly and annual review and planning sessions as well as formal research.
  • A resource centre will provide the knowledge and informational resources that staff need to take with them into the field.
  • External resource people are drawn on to respond to the expressed needs of local activists. This may include legal advice or expert inputs related to issues such as HIV/Aids.
  • Knowledge sharing is about engaging in the networks of knowledge production, with local activists, peer organisations and academic and theological institutions, through joint reflection, seminars or conferences.
  • Strategic evaluation and planning follows CLP’s three year work cycle.

Dissemination is about how CLP takes its practice, experience and knowledge into the
world. It is composed of two parts:

  • Through the formation of activists, CLP seeks to reproduce the practice of animation, within local struggles, in peer organisations and through internships.
  • Communication flows from CLP’s work and includes documentation using a variety of media, and publications and events under the Padkos label.

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