Key Elements

  • Listening to what people say is both a discipline and a political act affirming people’s right and responsibility to speak for themselves.
  • Dialogue works through questioning as a way of drawing on and affirming people’s own knowledge of their situation while clarifying CLP’s role.
  • Making connections works on two levels: to connect people with resources; and to build movements by connecting local struggles to each other and to broader movements.
  • Understanding of the situation is built, for CLP staff and for local activists, through listening and dialogue and it creates the basis for people to decide and plan action.
  • People take action for themselves and on their own responsibility. CLP provides support as requested but does not act for them.
  • Reflection and learning is critical to the cycle. CLP works to create spaces for reflection where people can interrogate and build their own democratic practice.
  • CLP will provide material support where appropriate in situations of acute crisis.

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