Afrikaans dictionaries translate padkos as ‘provisions’ in English. It is made up of two separate Afrikaans words: pad: meaning road; and kos: meaning food. So it describes food for the journey.

Our padkos email list is an initiative from CLP to provide and share some resources for our journey. These resources will mainly be written pieces that come from, or connect with, the thinking and reflection that is part of our praxis.

When we can, and where there’s interest, padkos will also take the form of a breakfast or coffee session where we get together to focus on a particular issue or paper – and really digest the richness and challenges. We hope that the padkos we share will be seasonal, local and nutritious.


CLP has often spoken of its work as a journey, and we are inspired by Paulo Freire’s phrase that “we make the path by walking”. The journey of our work is deeply rewarding, and our main guide and inspiration remains the struggles of the people. But it is also be a long and demanding journey. As we continue together, we all need padkos – sustenance and food for thought along the way.

CLP makes this padkos available because emancipatory action is always thought; because reflection strengthens struggle; and because we have been asked to! This initiative is one aspect of our response to requests from Board members and others, to be ‘fed’: to hear from and learn with CLP about its thinking and work.


Padkos is a low-traffic email distribution list. We intend posting to the list between one and three times a month. Recipients include CLP Staff and Board members, and fellow travellers who are interested in and supportive of CLP’s work. We will introduce each article indicating why we found it significant for our journey, and perhaps highlighting what to look out for.

We would value your comments and thoughts in response to the articles. Please feel free to respond to padkos, or to unsubscribe from the list, by replying to:

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